Interview Prep Custom Branding Walkthrough

In this lesson we’ll walk through how to customize the branding on your interviewprep account. When added, custom branding will be applied to all pages in your account and includes custom logos, colors, and labels.

  1. From the Admin dashboard, click the Settings menu and the Branding Tab.
  1. To change the logo displayed in the top left corner of your platform, click the Choose File button under the Logo Assignment section and select a file from your computer.
    • The image needs to be a JPEG or PNG file and the suggested size is 125 pixels by 250 pixels.
  1. You can also add custom colors to your account. To select a primary custom color, click on the primary color field and use the color selector to choose a custom color. You can also type a color hex code into the field for more precise color selection.
  1. Use the same method to select a custom secondary color.
  1. Click the Save Logo & Colors button to save your logo and color changes. 
  1. Below the custom logo in color options you’ll find the custom language and messaging options. With the custom language options you’ll be able to change the name of specific fields within your account. For example, if you’d like the word “location” to be replaced with “department” across your account, type a new name for any field and click the Save My Custom Labels and Message Button.
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