Interview Prep Admin Dashboard Overview

After logging in, you’ll be redirected to the Admin Dashboard. From here you can navigate to all areas of interview prep. Please note, this is the administrative dashboard and is only available to Account Administrators and Location Administrators.

  1. Overview Menu: View an overview of recent activity on your account including recent interviews, new users, and account trends; view professor activity, and switch to the student view.
  1. Interviews and Content Menu: View and search through all completed interviews, create and edit practice interview sets, add and edit custom questions, and create or edit custom assessment templates.
  1. Assignments Menu: Here you can manage assignments in the account, view completed assignments, and track invitations.
  1. Settings Menu: In the settings menu, you can make changes to the account settings, create and manage locations within the account, customize account branding, add and manage new users, customize email templates, and edit student resources in the resource center on the account.
  1. Reports Menu: View various reports covering student data in your account.

Click the Register link in the menu bar to create a profile. Creating a profile allows you to track and maintain progress on course lessons you’ve started and completed.