Watching Your Interview & Collecting/Reviewing Feedback

In this lesson, we’ll cover how to view your completed interviews as a General User in Interview Prep, as well as walk through the feedback features within Interview Prep.

  1. After you’ve completed an interview click the Review tab to view it.
  1. Select the interview you’d like to view using the interview drop down menu.
  1. The questions involved in the interview will be displayed on-screen. Select a question to view the response.
  1. Comments can be added to individual interview questions. Select a question, type your comment and click post. The comment will contain a timestamp in order to see exactly where a comment occurs in the interview.
  1. Below the video player has a manual filler word counter. Click the filler word counter buttons to count filler words as they occur in the interview.
  1. You can also share your interview by clicking on the Share button.
  1. Select the Email tab to send a share link via email through the interviewprep platform.
  1. Type in the email address(es) you would like to receive a link to view your interview, as well a message, and click Send. The recipients will receive a link to view the interview as well as add comments and an assessment.
  1. Select the Link tab to generate a link that can be sent out manually to reviewers. Click the Generate Link button and copy the link in order to share the interview.
  1. Use the check boxes at the top of the window to share all of your interviews in the link and/or hide comments and assessments from other users on your interviews.
  1. Click Close to close the share window.
  1. Below the filler word counter is an assessment template. To self-evaluate your interview, fill out the assessment template, and click “Save My Assessment”.
  1. To view assessments submitted by others, click the Other tab and select an assessment from the drop down menu.
  1. Select an assessment and click the Download Assessment button to save a copy of your interview feedback.
  1. Finally, to view a summary of your assessment results, click the Summary tab.
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